Veritas proud to be part of new rail industry worker program team

12 April 2019

Leading national online identification specialist, Veritas, is part of the new service provider team charged with the responsibility of helping protect and enhance the safety of Australia’s rail networks.

Rail industry worker competency management program

Under a five-year contract, which was awarded to Metro Trains Australia (MTA), Veritas will provide the identify verification services for the national Rail Industry Worker Program (RIW).

The RIW program is endorsed by the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) on behalf of its members to provide a single national competency management system for rail workers across Australia.

The chief aim of competency management is to ensure that appropriately trained personnel are carrying out designated duties on the national rail network, raising both the quality and safety of rail projects.

Veritas will provide the first step in MTA’s overall solution by verifying the identity of applicants to the RIW program quickly and accurately against reliable databases. Its online system is compatible with multiple platforms - including smart phone technology - and will be integrated into MTA’s overall competency management process.

MTA Chief Executive Officer Leah Waymark said: "Safety is of paramount importance across the rail industry and the RIW Program plays a key role by enabling rail industry workers to seamlessly manage their competencies online,"

Veritas Managing Director Stephen Inouye said: "Veritas has over 14 years of proven technology and experience in the area of identity verification and background checking."

"We are an established and leading provider of identity verification in the maritime and offshore sectors and have extended our offering into the aviation space during the past two years."

"Now, Metro Trains Australia has recognised our innovative technology solutions and we look forward to expanding our capabilities into the rail industry."

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