Maritime Security Identification Card


In 2006, the Australian Government made amendments to the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act 2003. The changes impacted all persons who require unmonitored access to a maritime security zone and now require them to obtain and display a Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC).

With the introduction of this legislation, the maritime and offshore industries along with their supply and service chains required a means to apply for and obtain MSIC cards to maintain their compliance requirements.

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Veritas Group developed a nationwide solution to this challenge. Through the development of an online application (which in 2005 when development began was still a relatively new concept) and back office processing system, the company streamlined the MSIC application process.

Veritas Group's award-winning software system has propelled the company to become the largest MSIC issuing body in Australia. Processing times range from 1 - 2 weeks while the remainder of the industry reports average times of 3 - 4 weeks.

Veritas Group's strategic partnership with Australia Post provides applicants multiple choices for the lodgement of applications.

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