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As a by-product of the success of our online application system for lodgement and production of MSIC cards, many of our existing clients asked if we could expand our background checking services to other programs.

The challenge for Veritas Group was to implement our technology and experience to deliver easy to use systems for other federally managed background checking programs.

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In 2014, Veritas Group gained CrimTrac accreditation to access the National Police Checking Service.

With every business venture, we strive to provide customers with the best user experience possible. Our research of the extant providers of this type of service indicated the industry was plagued with hard to follow and unduly complicated application processes.

Veritas Group developed an online solution which minimises the need for data entry. As a result, processing times for a Police Check is significantly faster than going down to your local police station and filling out a paper form. In fact, 70 percent of applications are returned within the hour.

In 2016, Veritas Group delivered a new feature which enables the system to offer straight through processing of applications. There is no other Police Check provider on the market who can offer one hour processing of Police Checks 24/7 - that is, outside of business hours.

Once again, through the use of technology, Veritas transforms ideas into innovative solutions.

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